Remove My Dent
Remove My Dent

Dent Removal

Removing Dents From Vehicles

The Problems

Minor dings and dents caused by golf balls, shopping trolleys and bicycles etc. frequently occur to doors, roofs and bonnets, seriously spoiling the cars appearance and detracting from its value. It can be very distressing when you have a car that is your pride and joy, and all you see whenever you look at the car is the damage to it. Fortunately for you we have the perfect solution for your predicament.

The Solutions

Without going to the 'time and money' expense of the bodyshop - Dent Magnet use state of the art tools that can very easily and very cost effectively remove the dings and dents without resorting to traditional filling and painting and in a fraction of the time.

The Benefits

  • High quality job - it is only half the cost of bodyshop repairs.
  • Our service comes to you - the car never has to leave the drive
  • Originality of car is kept intact - no paint-work
  • Repair time is approximately 15min - 1hour
  • No costly mismatches
  • No costly replacement of badges, graphics and mouldings
  • You don't lose the use of your car which of course is a huge benefit to all our customers

We have a fast growing number of clients who see the great value in our high tech dent removal service. Although we can do the job in half the time that a bodyshop can do it we still produce a better quality finish and once we have finished you will not be able to tell where the dent once was. Once you have used our services we have no doubt you will come back to use us again if you get another scratch or scrape on your vehicle.

For more information on our services you can give us a call on 0800 083 5270. We will be glad to speak with you and give you the benefit of our advice.

And another dent gone..




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