Remove My Dent
Remove My Dent

A Dent Repair Service With A Difference

Dent Magnet SMART repair was introduced into the UK by Dent Magnet over 22 years ago. The system removes scratches, chips, scuffs and dents from car bodywork with very little effort. This is THE most effective system there is to remove any imperfections from your vehicle.

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Minor dings and dents caused by golf balls, shopping trolleys, bicycles etc. frequently occur to doors, roofs and bonnets, seriously spoiling the cars appearance and detracting from its value. Without going to the 'time and money' expense of the bodyshop, Dent Magnet, using state of the art tools easily and very cost effectively can remove the dings and dents without resorting to traditional filling and painting in a fraction of the time.

Dent Magnet has a team of experienced technicians with combined expertise of 15 years in the field of paint-less dent removal.

Car Dent Repair

The Dent Magnet team are based just outside Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, and have been in the business since 1996. We provide a service for the Co. Antrim area within an approx 40 to 50 mile radius, offering a unique service where we come to you, at work or home, or you can meet us at an agreed location. This is a far better alternative than having to leave your car at a bodyshop for a few days and then coming back to find it is not the perfect job you were hoping AND you have a rather large bill to pay!

If you decide you would like your vehicle fixed with a paintless dent repair system, you would like it fixed from outside your home, and you want it to be for a reasonable price, then you have certainly come to the right place.

We look forward to you contacting us in the event that you need a dent, scuff or scratch removed from your car.


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