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Latest News | A Reminder Of Our Innovative Dent Repair Service

A Reminder Of Our Innovative Dent Repair Service

Wednesday, February 28th 2018 1:51pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Dent Magnet. Today we thought we would give you a very gentle reminder of our innovative dent repair services and why it makes so much sense to use us rather than a traditional body shop service.

Based In Ballymoney, Northern Ireland

Dent Repair Service Northern IrelandAs you are probably aware we are based in Ballymoney in Northern Ireland and so our services are exclusively for Northern Ireland and not further afield unfortunately. We can travel around a 50 mile radius from Ballymoney and so can get to most of the country to service our clients.

Yes we actually go out to our clients to repair their vehicles rather than them coming to us. If you use a traditional body shop to get a dent, scratch or scuff repaired on your car then you will have to take your car in and probably leave it there for a couple of days whilst they work on it. This means a lot of hassle for you, both dropping off the car and then not being able to use it for a length of time.

Alternatively if you use our dent repair service you can leave the car on your driveway, or at your place of work,and we will come out to fix it. Even better we can usually fix any dent within an hour so you will not lose the use of your car. And even better than that we can repair your dent so that you will not even notice it had been there! Paintless dent repair is definitely the best way to repair vehicles as our new methods are so effective and quick. Once you use our services you will certainly use them again if you have a problem with your car once more.

We can repair your vehicle for a lot less cost than if you take it to a body shop as we save time and labour with our innovative methods so if you have a bump on your car and you live in Northern Ireland please give us a call to make an appointment on 0800 083 5270. We will be glad to assist you and arrange a time and date to come out to repair your vehicle.

Innovative Dent Repair Service


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