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Latest News | Statistics On Road Accidents For 2016

Statistics On Road Accidents For 2016

Monday, October 2nd 2017 1:38pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Dent Magnet, the premier car dent removal service in Northern Ireland. Today we thought we would share with you some 2016 statistics on road accidents in the UK which shows an increase in deaths but a reduction in the overall number of road traffic accidents.

Personal Injury Accidents 2016

Car Accident Statistics
In the annual report from the Department of Transport it found that there was an increase of 4% in road deaths in 2016 compared to the previous year with 1,792 fatalities. One positive came in that there was a 3% reduction in casualties of all severities, down to 181,384. Breaking down these figures there were 24,101 seriously injured in road accidents in 2016 and 155,491 slightly injured. It is no surprise to see that traffic levels had increased in 2016 compared to 2015 with a 2.2% increase.

Factors That Lead To Road Casualties

What I think is of particular interest to us all are the factors that the report points out that are responsible for so many road accidents each year, and this is something that we should all take on board:
  • The distances people travel is one factor, the further people are travelling the more the chance they will be involved in a collision.
  • The different mix of transport and vehicles on the road is also a contributing factor.
  • A major factor is of course the behaviour of drivers on the road, sadly there are far too many who show no concern or respect to other road users which can often lead to accidents.
  • The mix of groups of people driving and riding, in particular the number of newly qualified and older drivers.
  • Lastly but not least there are external factors such as the weather, heavy rain, snow or ice can mean dangerous conditions which lead to more accidents.

Removing Car Dents

We hope you take care of yourselves on the road and take every precaution to prevent any accidents, but if you are unfortunate to be involved in one we hope it is not serious and just a prang. Of course if you do get your vehicle dented or scratched we are here to help you remove any car dent quickly and effectively. If you wish to contact us regarding our services please give us a call on 0800 083 5270.


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