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Latest News | Investigation Finds Car Rental Companies Take Money For Repairs But Don`t Get Them Fixed

Investigation Finds Car Rental Companies Take Money For Repairs But Don`t Get Them Fixed

Wednesday, August 30th 2017 9:53am

An investigation into car rental firm practices revealed findings that to some of us will probably not come as a major surprise but is even so a scandalous situation. The investigation found that these companies are charging customers hundreds of pounds to repair dents and scratches that in fact they never get fixed. The companies include Avis Budget, Hertz and Enterprise. Rather than get the cars repaired they take the money from the customers and just accept a lower resale value when they are sold on.

Unacceptable Practices

Car Hire Dents
This practice is not acceptable and it could end up costing the companies involved in this deceit millions of pounds in both compensation and legal fees. The investigation was launched by the Daily Mail and they found that many tourists can face an extra bill off these companies of over £2,000 to supposedly repair any dents or scratches that the car has received whilst being rented out.

Outrageous Behaviour

Martyn James who works for complaints website Resolver was outraged by these findings, saying: "It is outrageous … For many, it's nothing short of fraud and, given many of the repairs demanded from customers are highly questionable, it's vital this matter is investigated and people are compensated."

And Steve Nowottny of Money Saving Expert said of the practice: "Car hire customers who've been hit with hefty repair bills will be frankly astonished to hear some of these repairs might never actually have been carried out. It's one thing to pay to put a car back in the state it was when you hired it - quite another to be charged if the car isn't actually fixed, or isn't fixed until much later."

The above quotes come from an article in the Daily Mail and you can read the full article if you go to the following link: Car Rental Firms Not Getting Cars Repaired

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