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Car Dents & Our Repair Service For Northern Ireland

Wednesday, May 24th 2017 8:34pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Dent Magnet. We are based in Ballymoney, Co Antrim in Northern Ireland and today we just want to give you a rundown of our services and what we can do for you. By the way we are happy to travel out to customers within a 40 mile radius of our base here in Ballymoney so we cover quite a large area, if in any doubt just give us a call.

Car Dent Removal Service

Unfortunately we live in a very fast paced world which can be fun and exciting, but there are also pitfalls to this type of lifestyle. Everyone is in a hurry and racing from A to B and if this involves driving then the inevitable collisions occur.

Minor Car Dents & Scratches

Thankfully most accidents on the road are of the minor variety where the only real damage done is to a vehicle rather than any damage to a human being. This is of course not always the case but the vast majority just involve a car or van getting a scrape on its side or a dent in its bumper or a damaged car door.

If your vehicle has just got a scratch, dent or bump on it this is where our services come in. We can fix these type of problems in double quick time for you. With our innovative repair tools we are able to remove a car dent on a car at the side of a road or on a parking lot, which means you don`t need to bring your car to us to repair it, we can actually come to you.

Quick & Efficient Car Dent Removal

As well as being a quick service (it normally takes us less than an hour to remove a scratch or dent from a car) the fact that we can do the job quickly and efficiently means it won`t cost you the earth for our services, we are very reasonable indeed.

Car Dent Repair Service Northern Ireland

Paintless Dent Repair

Our repair service is a paintless dent repair service and once we have finished you will have to be extremely eagle eyed to see that there has ever been a dent in your car. We bring your car back to its best and you will be delighted with the results we are absolutely certain.

For more details on our service or to book us please give us a call for a chat on our freephone number which is 0800 083 5270.


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