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The Damaging Statistics On Car Prangs

Thursday, April 27th 2017 9:29pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Remove My Dent, the No 1 vehicle dent repair service in the whole of Northern Ireland. Today we share with you some startling statistics on how many cars suffer prangs and dents that could definitely use our services if only they knew of us!

New Car Dents

Pranging Your Pride And Joy

These are statistics from last year, but they reveal that nearly a third of people who buy a brand spanking new car are involved in some sort of collision within the first 2 months of ownership. And this adds up to an annual repair bill of over £400 million.

The statistics by car crash management firm Accident Exchange revealed that approximately 10% of all accidents involved new cars, you would have thought we would maybe take more care of a new car but this suggests otherwise. This amounted to an astonishing 196,000 vehicles between March 2015 to the end of February 2016.

Explaining these high accident figures for new cars an Accident Exchange spokesman said: 'Early damage to newly registered vehicles can be a result of a number of factors.

'New cars are packed with technology, which can be distracting, while mobile phone use at the wheel continues to be a problem.

'The more complex controls required to accommodate this new technology can be largely unfamiliar. And new cars can be more powerful, even though the engine size remains the same.'

`The number of cars on the road is also a factor; each year more and more cars are registered and they are increasingly large in size making them more difficult to manoeuvre, especially into smaller car-parking spaces.'

Although these figures are 12 months old it is highly likely that they will not be significantly different during the last 12 months.

Using Remove My Dent To Repair Your Car

Now when you purchase a new car you often have some sort of deal whereby you will go back to where you bought the car to get it repaired which is absolutely fine of course. But for any older car, or someone who has a new one and does not have any contract in place, the best place to get in touch with is us here at Remove My Dent (that is if you are in Northern Ireland). We will get the car looking like new once again for you, and not only that we can repair it at your home if required. For more information on our services please ring us on 0800 083 5270.

The quote above was from the This Is Money website and you can read the full article at the following link: Damaging Your New Car


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