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Latest News | Man Leaves Dents In Neighbours Car With Kicks And Punches

Man Leaves Dents In Neighbours Car With Kicks And Punches

Thursday, March 30th 2017 4:00pm

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at Dent Magnet, the company who can remove dents from your vehicle in double quick time at a more than affordable price. Today we thought we would share with you a story we saw the other day in the Gazette Live. It was about a Teesside man who had been fighting with another man and taken out his frustration on his next door neighbours Citroen Picasso.

Luckily the neighbours spotted what he was doing and went out to have words with the man whose name was Watson Foster. They argued, police were called and he was later arrested whilst driving in his car.

Large Bill To Repair The Car Dents

It turned out that Foster had previous convictions and was in fact in breach of a suspended prison sentence given for dangerous driving which involved a police chase. The judge decided against activating the suspended sentence but he did receive a hefty bill for his loss of temper.

We were interested in this story when we saw the repair bill for the damage to the car. He was ordered to pay the sum of £1,417 to repair the dents in the vehicle. As he was on a relatively low wage he was ordered to pay back the sum at a rate of £50 a week. He also was given a 6 months community order, five extra days of rehabilitation activities and ordered to pay £200 towards the prosecution costs.

Paintless Dent Repair Service

Now we don`t know how badly the car was dented but £1,417 is a hefty amount to pay to repair some dents to a car. They probably could have saved Mr Foster a great deal of money if they had pointed the car in the direction of us here at Dent Magnet!

Our method of paintless dent repair gets the best results and can also be done very quickly, and as the car does not have to go into a body repair garage it can save you a whole lot of money.

By the way if you want to read the full article you can go to the Gazette Live at the following link: Man Dents Neighbours Car After Fight

But if you get a dent in your car you know where to come to get it fixed, we can even fix it on your driveway! Just give us a call on 0800 083 5270.


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