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Latest News | Majority Of Volkwagen Vehicles Remain Unfixed In UK After Emissions Scandal

Majority Of Volkwagen Vehicles Remain Unfixed In UK After Emissions Scandal

Wednesday, September 28th 2016 10:13pm

In what is rather shocking news it has emerged that only approximately 1 in 10 of VW vehicles in the UK have been fixed since the emissions scandal. If you remember the company had fitted software that would enable them to cheat the emissions tests, and it is believed this affected around 1.2 million cars in the UK which included the VW brand, Audi, Skoda, Seat and VW commercial vehicles.

All the cars affected need to be fixed, but a year on there have only been a small minority that have so far been sorted out. Jim Holder who is editorial director of Autocar and What Car? said the fixes were taking a long time to be approved which is leading to a great deal of frustration.

He said that "We know from the emails we've received from angry owners that this has left many of them frustrated - not just because there is no end to the saga in sight, but also because they don't feel VW has communicated well with them." Since the scandal there has been a drop in VW vehicle sales of 10% in the UK which must be a very worrying scenario for the company who you would think would be pulling out all the stops to sort out this issue as soon as possible.

Volkswagen have hit back, with a spokesman saying: "At Volkswagen Group UK customers are our priority and every owner has been written to at least three times to keep them up to date.

"We are working hard to apply the approved technical measures to as many cars as swiftly as possible as soon as they are approved. The process of applying the technical measures has been under way since January 2016 and we have applied the measures to over 110,000 vehicles in the UK. We will continue to work closely with the authorities involved to fulfil our commitments."

For more on this story you can visit the Daily Star website at the following link VW Emissions Scandal Continues

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