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How To Clean Your Car Inside And Out

Wednesday, August 17th 2016 1:46pm

Hello and welcome once more to our blog here at Dent Magnet, and today we thought we would pass on some excellent and useful tips on how to keep your car clean both inside and outside. Of course you can use a valeting company but these car cleaning tips are useful if you want to keep on top and ensure your car is looking its pristine best at all times.

We found these car cleaning tips the other day on the Auto Express website and we will give you the link to the full article at the foot of the page, but below are 3 of the tips that we thought were particularly useful:

Don't clean in extreme heat or direct sunlight

Clearly, if it's warm you've got to work quicker with parts of the car drying faster than normal. But extreme heat will affect the strength of the chemicals in the products you're using, too. "It's ideal to wash a car in a shaded area or in the early morning/late afternoon," said Richard. "Don't clean a car after a long drive, either, as it'll be hot."

Remove grime before washing

Cleaning your car can actually inflict damage on your paintwork if it's not done properly, according to Richard. If you don't clean off all the muck before washing, you'll create paint swirls and scratches. It can be a great idea to apply snow foam or traffic film remover first, as these products will start working off all the grit before you wash. And Richard isn't sold on the two-bucket cleaning approach, which can prevent you reapplying dirt to a car. He uses a simple grit guard at the bottom of his bucket.

Be delicate with your wheels

"Ensure the wheel cleaner you've chosen is safe to use on your particular wheel design," said our expert. "Some polished surfaces like aluminium can stain permanently if the wrong chemical or one that is too strong is used." To play it safe, Richard recommends a de-ionising decon gel as a good start. He also told us how essential it is to invest in a good wheel brush, as this allows you to get in between spokes and into the calipers, which will be thick with brake dust. Buying a brush with a narrow enough head to delve deep into the spokes means you won't need to take the wheels off to get them spotless.

There is some excellent advice above and to check out the full 10 pieces of advice given at Auto Express you can visit the website to read the full article at the following link: Tips On Cleaning Your Car

We hope you have enjoyed the article today, of course if you have a dent or scratch or scuff marks on your vehicle then the best thing to do is to contact us to come and remove and repair it for you. You can contact us on the usual number at 0800 083 5270.


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