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Tips On Avoiding Car Accidents

Tuesday, August 2nd 2016 1:05pm

Here are a few tips on avoiding car accidents, which you may think is a bit strange coming from a company who makes its living repairing cars after they have been in an accident or prang, but we think it is a worthwhile exercise to be more careful when you are out and about on the road.
  • Firstly checking your car over before you go out is always a good idea, particularly if you are going on a medium to long journey. This can include checking the water, oil, lights, tyres and petrol etc.
  • Have your car regularly serviced. You should really have a full service every 6 months to be safe.
  • Ensure you have the correct tyre pressure on all your tyres and that your tyres have plenty of tread on them. You can also get tyres for winter which will help to grip the road in icy weather.
  • When you are driving keep within the speed limits. The vast majority of accidents, and particularly the more serious ones, are caused by people driving too fast. And never tailgate, keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you as any sudden braking movement and you will be ploughing into the back of them and you will be negligent in a court of law!
  • If you see anyone else driving erratically keep a safe distance and avoid at all costs. Better still if you get the opportunity report them as they could be an accident waiting to happen.
  • If it is raining or the weather is murky always ensure you have your lights on so other motorists can see you easily, as being visible is essential in poor weather conditions.
  • If you are parking up in a public place such as a supermarket car park or at work try to park in an area where it is less crowded and there is less chance of someone catching your car as they are parking or backing out.

I hope these simple tips will be of use to you and at least get you thinking about your safety when you are driving. If you do have a small bang and get your car dented or scraped you of course can contact us to come out and repair your vehicle for you. Please contact us on the usual number at 0800 083 5270.


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