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Denting Your New Car

Tuesday, July 5th 2016 4:49pm

Isn`t it great when you get your shiny new car fresh from the showroom and you drive off for the first time?! There is a smell to a new car which is just wonderful and you always think as you are driving away that you will do your utmost to look after the car and keep it in the same condition as when you drove it off the forecourt. But unfortunately things don`t often work out like that and life gets in the way.

The interior starts to pick up dust and marks, the floor of the car begins to get dirt ground into it, the new smell of the car evaporates and the exterior gets dirty also and it loses its sheen. All these things can be put right of course if you use a good valeting company to sort out the interior and you take yourself down to the local car wash to give the car a good wash, shampoo and wax.

But what happens if your car gets scuffs, scratches and dents in it, which is quite a common occurrence unfortunately? Your newish pride and joy is suddenly looking a bit dishevelled and rough around the edges which puts a big dampener on your mood every time you look in its direction. Well that is where we at Dent Magnet come in and help you out of your predicament.

At Dent Magnet we can repair any marks or bumps your new car has picked up either through a collision in a car park, someone shunting into the back of you at the lights, or maybe just someone dragging their keys along the side of your car. What`s more we can repair your car so it looks exactly as it did before it got marked or bumped. Our techniques make it easy to repair your car, you don`t even have to move the car from your driveway as we can come round and repair it from your home in the space of about an hour, so saving you both time and money.

So if your new car gets dented you now know exactly who to call for the perfect paintless dent repair. Call us here at Dent Magnet on freephone number 0800 083 5270, or alternatively you can fill in the Contact Form on the website and we will get right back to you.


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