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Lease Cars And Car Dents

Monday, June 20th 2016 1:54pm

If you are leasing a car you must remember that when you return the car to the finance company at the end of the lease it must be returned in as good a condition as possible. If you do return it with dents and scratches on it, or if it has dirty interior or exterior, you are likely to end up with a big bill from them, as they can penalise you for the vehicle having excessive wear and tear.

It can be a rather moot point as to what is classed as fair wear and tear, or excessive wear and tear, on a lease car that has been returned, as different lease companies will have different standards, so you should always ensure you return the vehicle in as good a condition as you possibly can. However here is a few pointers as to what may be deemed fair or excessive wear and tear.

It should go without saying that you should have the car valeted before you return it, and you should have all the relevant documentation to hand including information on if and when it has been serviced etc. Regarding the windscreen small scratches may be deemed acceptable providing they are not directly in the drivers eye line, but chips or holes would not be.

The bumpers should be OK if they have just minor scuffing on them but larger marks where the paint is cracked and dents would fail their test. With regard to the bodywork you may find that small scratches are acceptable to the finance company but dents in the vehicle, broken paintwork or large scratch marks will certainly not be.

The upholstery inside the vehicle should be as clean as possible with only slight signs of wear and tear, however any tears or stains on it would be frowned upon and you would expect to be penalised for this. And with the wing mirrors a few minor scuffs should probably be OK, but cracked mirrors, large scratches or dents would not.

We hope these few tips have proved useful to you. Of course if you do have scratched and broken paintwork, large scuff marks, or dents in your lease car, then we at Dent Magnet are the perfect people to get in touch with. We provide a first class and affordable service repairing dents and scratches so please get in touch by contacting us on 0800 083 5270 and we will glad to be of assistance.


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