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Our Year So Far At Dent Magnet

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Dent Magnet. Today we thought we would look back at the year we have had so far and what we can look forward to in 2018.

The Car With Airbags On The Outside To Stop Car Dents

Now this is a very interesting concept and one that, if implemented worldwide, could put us out of business! We don`t think this is going to happen any time soon so we are happy to give you the details of a quite surreal car design which has airbags on the outside of it!

Statistics On Road Accidents For 2016

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Dent Magnet, the premier car dent removal service in Northern Ireland. Today we thought we would share with you some 2016 statistics on road accidents in the UK which shows an increase in deaths but a reduction in the overall number of road traffic accidents.

Investigation Finds Car Rental Companies Take Money For Repairs But Don`t Get Them Fixed

An investigation into car rental firm practices revealed findings that to some of us will probably not come as a major surprise but is even so a scandalous situation. The investigation found that these companies are charging customers hundreds of pounds to repair dents and scratches that in fact they never get fixed. The companies include Avis Budget, Hertz and Enterprise. Rather than get the cars repaired they take the money from the customers and just accept a lower resale value when they are sold on.

What To Do With A Hire Car That Has Got Minor Damage

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Dent Magnet, the No 1 car dent repair service in Northern Ireland. We hope you are enjoying the summer, today we are looking at what you can do if you have a hire car that has got some minor damage to it and needs to be repaired.

Car Dents & Your Lease Car

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Dent Magnet, the Northern Ireland service that uses innovative techniques to remove your car dents in double quick time at a price that you can afford to pay. Today in our blog we are looking at lease cars and the issue of dents and scratches on them.

Car Dents & Our Repair Service For Northern Ireland

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Dent Magnet. We are based in Ballymoney, Co Antrim in Northern Ireland and today we just want to give you a rundown of our services and what we can do for you. By the way we are happy to travel out to customers within a 40 mile radius of our base here in Ballymoney so we cover quite a large area, if in any doubt just give us a call.

The Damaging Statistics On Car Prangs

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Remove My Dent, the No 1 vehicle dent repair service in the whole of Northern Ireland. Today we share with you some startling statistics on how many cars suffer prangs and dents that could definitely use our services if only they knew of us!

New Car Dents

Man Leaves Dents In Neighbours Car With Kicks And Punches

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at Dent Magnet, the company who can remove dents from your vehicle in double quick time at a more than affordable price. Today we thought we would share with you a story we saw the other day in the Gazette Live. It was about a Teesside man who had been fighting with another man and taken out his frustration on his next door neighbours Citroen Picasso.

UK Car Sales Up In September

New car sales rose to a record high for September this year, always a traditionally strong month for car sales, but this was mainly driven by companies investing in fleet buying and also people purchasing the new number 66 plate. A total of 469,696 new cars were registered last month which was a rise of 1.6% from the previous year. The most popular car turned out to be the Ford Fiesta.

Driverless Car Out On UK Road Test

In what is exciting news for both the technology and automobile industry a driverless car was tested out on UK roads for the very first time. This is part of the process to get driverless cars out on the highways and byways of the UK by 2020 as the government look to invest in this new technology and serve it to a worldwide market.

Majority Of Volkwagen Vehicles Remain Unfixed In UK After Emissions Scandal

In what is rather shocking news it has emerged that only approximately 1 in 10 of VW vehicles in the UK have been fixed since the emissions scandal. If you remember the company had fitted software that would enable them to cheat the emissions tests, and it is believed this affected around 1.2 million cars in the UK which included the VW brand, Audi, Skoda, Seat and VW commercial vehicles.

What To Do In The Event Of An Accident

Hello and welcome once more to our blog here at Remove My Dent. Today we want to look at some of the steps you should take if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. The better prepared you are the easier the whole process will be for you.

How To Clean Your Car Inside And Out

Hello and welcome once more to our blog here at Dent Magnet, and today we thought we would pass on some excellent and useful tips on how to keep your car clean both inside and outside. Of course you can use a valeting company but these car cleaning tips are useful if you want to keep on top and ensure your car is looking its pristine best at all times.

Tips On Avoiding Car Accidents

Here are a few tips on avoiding car accidents, which you may think is a bit strange coming from a company who makes its living repairing cars after they have been in an accident or prang, but we think it is a worthwhile exercise to be more careful when you are out and about on the road.

Getting Ready For Your Car Journey

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at Remove My Dent. We hope you are well and enjoying the sunny weather as long as it lasts! Today we have some information on car maintenance and preparing for a car journey. Now the information we are going to share with you will help you look after your car and may even prevent you from an accident, which in turn may mean you don`t require our services!! Nevertheless we believe in public service so I hope you like the information and adhere to it.

Denting Your New Car

Isn`t it great when you get your shiny new car fresh from the showroom and you drive off for the first time?! There is a smell to a new car which is just wonderful and you always think as you are driving away that you will do your utmost to look after the car and keep it in the same condition as when you drove it off the forecourt. But unfortunately things don`t often work out like that and life gets in the way.

Lease Cars And Car Dents

If you are leasing a car you must remember that when you return the car to the finance company at the end of the lease it must be returned in as good a condition as possible. If you do return it with dents and scratches on it, or if it has dirty interior or exterior, you are likely to end up with a big bill from them, as they can penalise you for the vehicle having excessive wear and tear.

We Travel Across Northern Ireland To Remove Car Dents

Hello and welcome to another blog post from Dent Magnet, the company that will come to you and remove dents from your vehicle. There is no longer any need to drive to a garage and leave your vehicle whilst they repair it, instead all you have to do is give us a call and we will come to you and repair your vehicle in the time it takes you to make a cup of tea and read the morning papers!!

New Cover Showing Car Dent Repair

Hello and welcome to another blog post on our Remove My Dent website. We have recently updated our Cover Photo on our Facebook Page which we have a picture of below. I hope you like the picture as I think it gives a good representation of our business and shows a before and after picture of one of the cars that we removed a dent from. As you can see once we have removed a dent from a vehicle there is no outward sign that there has ever been a dent there, we can make the vehicle look like it has never had a scratch on it.

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