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DentMagnet removes dents from car bodywork in a fraction of the time taken by a traditional car body shop, and invariably for a fraction of the price; yet repairs are of a fantastically high standard, blending invisibly with existing paintwork.

Recent research discovered that over half of all car owners questioned had minor damage to their vehicles - such as small scratches, chips, scuffs or dents - but were not planning to repair their paintwork, simply because they believed that to do so would be time consuming and too expensive.

Most were unhappy that their car was in less than pristine condition, but felt that they couldn't justify investing a lot of time and money in relatively minor repair work. On the other hand, an overwhelming majority strongly agreed that they would welcome an alternative that allowed them to repair their cars in a convenient, cost-effective way.

View our Services page to see how we can offer you a convenient and cost-effective method of repairing small dents in your car.

Dent Magnet only service the Northern Ireland area.

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Getting Ready For Your Car Journey

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at Remove My Dent. We hope you are well and enjoying the sunny weather as long as it lasts! Today we have some information on car maintenance and preparing for a car journey. Now the information we are going to share with you will help you look after your car and may even prevent you from an accident, which in turn may mean you don`t require our services!! Nevertheless we believe in public service so I hope you like the information and adhere to it.
I read an excellent article the other day about preparing for a car journey by Safe Driving For Life. Here...


Denting Your New Car

Isn`t it great when you get your shiny new car fresh from the showroom and you drive off for the first time?! There is a smell to a new car which is just wonderful and you always think as you are driving away that you will do your utmost to look after the car and keep it in the same condition as when you drove it off the forecourt. But unfortunately things don`t often work out like that and life gets in the way.
The interior starts to pick up dust and marks, the floor of the car begins to get dirt ground into...



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